Multiview 4000 SNOM (NANONICS)


Multiview 4000 SNOM (NANONICS)
For optical characterization of organic, biological and inorganic samples combining Near Field Optical Microscopy with Scanning Probe Microscopy offering simultaneously optical and topographical information with a minimal preparation of the sample;
Main technical characteristics : Dual Optical Microscope working in up-right and inverted mode; Confocal Microscopy facilities; NanoFountainPen for writing and chemical delivery and removing at the nanometer. Imaging resolution for NSOM: 50 nm; Scanner resolution: <0.05 nm
(Z) and <0.15 nm (XY).
Fields of utilisation: material science, nanotechnology (nano-photonics and nano-optics), biology, medicine (detection of the most minuscule surface structures of transparent and opaque samples).

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