Spectroscopic ellipsometer V-VASE (Woollam)


Spectroscopic ellipsometer V-VASE (Woollam)
Technical details :
VASE Woollam equipment for reflection and transmission ellipsometry measurements
  1. reflection and transmission ellipsometry
  2. generalization ellipsometry ( anisotropy and birefringence)
  3. reflectance and transmittance
  4. scatterometry
  5. depolarization
Characteristics : 
Spectral range :
  • 193 up to 2200nm
  • 6.4 down to 0.56eV
Automatic set-up between 15 si 90° of the incidence angle
Automatic set-up of the wavelength made by the monochromator
Autoretarder for high accuracy measurements

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