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1. Class ISO 1000 and 100 Cleanroom Assembly

A brand new Cleanroom has been set up at the National Institute of Materials Physics for processing and characterization of samples of nanostructured materials and devices. The cleanroom is fitted with equipments and installations which allow for preparation and fabrication of materials samples, structures and devices with a certain functionality (for example sensors, integrated circuits). These structures […]

2. Clean room (including five chemical fume hoods, spin coater equipment, electric stoves with programmable temperature, RIE and metallization equipment)

The Clean room is designed for research that is needed in order to obtain new heterostructures with applications in microelectronics, optoelectronics, renewable energy, advanced sensors, medicine, etc. The Clean room has an area of about 235 m2, from which 20 m2 Class 100 (ISO 5), 50 m2 Class 1000 (ISO 6) and 130 m2 Class […]

3. Scanning Electron Microscope Lyra 3XMU with Focused Ion Beam SEM-FIB sample preparation system (Tescan) with EBSD and EDS analysis systems (Bruker)

Working modes and technical specifications FIB Ga source, 1500 h lifetime Accelerating voltage: 0.5 – 30 kV Detectors: secondary electrons (SE) Resolution: 5 nm at 30 kV SEM Field Emission Gun (FEG) Accelerating voltage: 200 V – 30 kV Detectors: secondary electrons (SE), backscattered electrons (BE) Resolution SE: 1.2 nm at 30 kV in High […]

4. Scanning Electron Microscope S-3400 N (Hitachi) with Quantum Elphy Nanolithography System and Laser Interferometer Ultra Precision Positioning Strage (Raith)

The nanolithography facility of SEM is esential for preparation of nanostructures and for contact definition with a resolution of about 100 nm. A nanolithography equipment comprises besides the standard SEM feature, a facility with computer controlled electron beam for direct “writing” the small size features directly onto the sample surface. A special CAD software is […]

5. Photolithography Mask Aligner EVG 620 NT with Nanoimprint Litography (EV Group)

The equipment for optical litography allows for selectively masking and exposing of certain areas of the sample surface, using a “mask” or a set of masks. Masks are realized in advance by laser etching a thin metalic layer deposited onto a special glass slide. Masking is necessary for the operations of selective etching or “lift-off”. […]

6. Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Workstation for thin layer deposition, fitted with in-situ Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) analysis system (Surface)

Pulsed Laser Deposition System – PLD for deposition of oxide materials thin films and multilayers, especially ferroelectrics and multiferroics. Specifications: excimer laser KrF 248 nm Four 2″ targets with permanent rotation and 5 axis PC controlled motion substrate temperature: ≤ 1000°C high vacuum 10-7 mbar high-pressure RHEED system for in-situ characterization included The Reflection High […]

7. Magnetron Sputtering Equipment ( Surrey NanoSystems Ltd.) with in-situ surface analysis techniques : AES, LEED (Omicron)

(1) Deposition chamber: Confocal sputtering chamber 2 off 2kW, 800 Volt DC Power supplies for sputtering 1 off 600 watt, 13.56Mhz RF sputter power supply 1 off 300 watt, 13.56Mhz RF sputter power supply for wafer Bias Hot stage for 150 mm wafers to 850 °C; Film uniformity +/-5%; Repeatability <2%. Sputter chamber Load Lock: […]

8. Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation installation – MAPLE

Designed for complex nanocomposite synthesis by MAPLE technique, using both inorganic and polymeric material or biomaterials with tailored properties. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Contains a carousel with 3 MAPLE targets cooled with liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of 100 K max.; Automatic temperature and fluency control; The substrate may be heated either during deposition or post-deposition, at […]

9. Electron lithography equipment – High resolution installation

Equipment for high resolution electron printing that will be used to realize various types of structures and electrical contacts on nano-objects supergrid periodic applications in photonics and other metallization with complex geometries required for the development of advanced materials structures, for different applications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS High resolution electron lithography equipment will combine high-resolution scanning electron […]

10. CVD equipment for deposition of polymers

The equipment is intended for necessary research needed to obtain new heterostructures with applications in microelectronics, optoelectronics, renewable energy, advanced sensors and for applications in medicine, energy storage. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Substrate size: 2 inches; Base vacuum chamber in deposit: 10-5 mbar; Substrate temperature: 550 oC; Gas Lines: 2, with flow control; Automatic and computerized control […]

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