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Magnetism and Superconductivity Laboratory


# Title Project Director Type/Code Start Date End Date Link
1 Tuning magnetoresistance by mastered effects: chirality and trapped fields Anda-Elena Stanciu PD 2020-09-01 2022-08-31 Details
2 Vectorial MOKE approach for the investigation of microstructured magnetic thin films Victor Kuncser Parteneriate 2017-01-01 2018-07-01 Details
3 Advanced approach of magnetic relaxation Victor Kuncser IDEAS 2011-10-01 2016-10-01 Details
4 Advanced target engineering for studying Ion Beams Generated by Petawatt-Class Lasers Victor Kuncser CAPACITATI 2014-06-01 2016-06-01 Details
5 Surfaces and coatings of interest for tokamak plasma facing components Victor Kuncser EURATOM 2013-01-01 2013-12-01 Details
6 Nanostructured biocompatible systems based on magnetic nanoparticles and polymers in response to external stimuli. Victor Kuncser PARTNERSHIPS 2007-05-01 2010-05-01 Details
7 Processing of advanced magnetic nanostructures in nanoparticles and nanofluids based on Fe for biomedical applications Victor Kuncser PARTNERSHIPS 2007-05-01 2010-05-01 Details
8 Ferromagnetic shape memory ribbons as contact free active elements in micropump Mihaela Sofronie Details
9 Influence of structure on the magnetoelectric coupling of SrFe12O19 – BNT-BT composites Simona Greculeasa Details

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