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Laboratory of Surface and Interface Science

Main research directions:

  • Surface and interface analysis by photoelectron spectroscopies (XPS‒ESCA, ARUPS, spin-resolved PES, PED) in situ electron diffraction (LEED, RHEED), Auger electron spectroscopy (AES),  scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM‒STS), photoelectron spectromicroscopy, low energy and photoemission electron microscopy (LEEM‒PEEM);
  • Surfaces, thin films and heterostructure preparation by molecular beam beam epitaxy (MBE) or other vacuum evaporation techniques.

New subjects:

  • analysis of ferroelectric surfaces, band bending in heterostructures;
  • molecular reactions at ferroelectric surfaces;
  • in plane conduction properties of 2D systems on ferroelectric surfaces;
  • ‘2D nanoreactors', molecular reactions with reactants stabilized between graphene layers and substrates;
  • spin asymmetry in band structure of 2D systems;
  • photocatalysts with internal junctions;
  • multiferroic structures with indirect exchange or coupling through charge accumulation;
  • theoretical developments in the area of ferroic thin films (ferroelectric, ferromagnetic);
  • development of new devices operating in ultrahigh vacuum (effusion cells, evaporators, manipulators);
  • development of software packages for data analysis.

Latest Publications

Layered SnSe nanoflakes with anharmonic phonon properties and memristive characteristics
Authors: Buruiana, AT; Bocirnea, AE; Kuncser, AC; Tite, T; Matei, E; Mihai, C; Zawadzka, N; Olkowska-Pucko, K; Kipczak, L; Babinski, A; Molas, MR; Velea, A; Galca, AC

Published: OCT 15 2022, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 599, 153983, DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2022.153983

Tuning the acidity by addition of transition metal to Mn modified hollow silica spheres and their catalytic activity in ethanol dehydration to ethylene
Authors: Florea, M; Bocirnea, A; Neatu, S; Kuncser, AM; Trandafir, MM; Neatu, F

Published: SEP 25 2022, APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL, 646, 118860, DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2022.118860

Memory Properties of Zr-Doped ZrO2 MOS-like Capacitor
Authors: Palade, C; Slav, A; Stavarache, I; Maraloiu, VA; Negrila, C; Ciurea, ML

Published: SEP 2022, COATINGS, 12, 1369, DOI: 10.3390/coatings12091369

Ferroelectricity modulates polaronic coupling at multiferroic interfaces
Authors: Husanu, MA; Popescu, DG; Bisti, F; Hrib, LM; Filip, LD; Pasuk, I; Negrea, R; Istrate, MC; Lev, L; Schmitt, T; Pintilie, L; Mishchenko, A; Teodorescu, CM; Strocov, VN

Published: AUG 15 2022, COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS, 5, 209, DOI: 10.1038/s42005-022-00983-3

Investigating the effect of N-doping on carbon quantum dots structure, optical properties and metal ion screening
Authors: Nguyen, KG; Baragau, IA; Gromicova, R; Nicolaev, A; Thomson, SAJ; Rennie, A; Power, NP; Sajjad, MT; Kellici, S

Published: AUG 15 2022, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 12, 13806, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-16893-x

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