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Complex Heterostructures and Multifunctional Materials

Our research activity relies on highly educated/trained human resources and topmost scientific infrastructure. The HeCoMat team comprises of 33 active members, including 28 with permanent contracts and 7 with short-term contracts. From the 27 members with permanent contracts, 6 are Senior Researchers rank 1 (SR 1), 6 are Senior Researchers rank 2 (SR 2), 7 are Senior Researchers rank 3 (SR 3), 2 are Senior Researchers (SR), 2 are Junior Researchers (JR), 3 are engineers, and another one is technician. From the members with permanent contracts, 21 possess PhD titles (in physics, chemistry, materials engineering or medicine) – including 1 PhD supervisor. Three of the HeCoMat’s team members are PhD students, and 1 is MSc student.

Main research topics:

  • Ferroelectric materials and related structures for electronic, optoelectronic and sensing applications (including non-volatile memories, UV and IR detectors, piezoelectric devices);
  • Materials and devices with applications in microelectronics, photovoltaic conversion and light/particle detection (including field-effect transistors, hybrid perovskite and kesterite solar cells, and silicon-based particle detectors);
  • Superconducting and magnetic materials and strongly correlated electron systems;
  • Dielectric and ferroelectric materials for microwave devices (e.g., dielectric resonators, ferroelectric varactors, filters, antennas);
  • Materials for healthcare applications (prominently for bone regeneration).

Latest Publications

Grain size-driven effect on the functional properties in Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 ceramics consolidated by spark plasma sintering
Authors: Patru, RE; Stanciu, CA; Soare, EM; Surdu, VA; Trusca, RD; Nicoara, AI; Vasile, BS; Boni, G; Amarande, L; Horchidan, N; Curecheriu, LP; Mitoseriu, L; Pintilie, L; Pintilie, I; Ianculescu, AC

Published: JUL 2023, JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 43, DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2023.02.013

Development of ceramic coatings on titanium alloy substrate by laser cladding with pre-placed natural derived-slurry: Influence of hydroxyapatite ratio and beam power
Authors: Mocanu, AC; Miculescu, F; Stan, GE; Tite, T; Miculescu, M; Tierean, MH; Pascu, A; Ciocoiu, RC; Butte, TM; Ciocan, LT

Published: APR 1 2023, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 49, DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2022.11.227

An improved balanced replicated sampling design for preliminary screening of the tailings ponds aiming at zero-waste valorization. A Romanian case study
Authors: Pencea, I; Turcu, RN; Popescu-Arges, AC; Timis, AL; Priceputu, A; Ungureanu, C; Matei, E; Nedelcu, L; Petrescu, MI; Niculescu, F

Published: APR 1 2023, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 331, 117260, DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2023.117260

Partial replacement of Pb2+ in MAPbI(2.6)Cl(0.4) perovskite films and their photovoltaic performance
Authors: Derbali, S; Nouneh, K; Leonat, LN; Stancu, V; Tomulescu, AG; Galca, AC; Touhami, ME; Pintilie, I; Florea, M

Published: APR 2023, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS, 34, 903, DOI: 10.1007/s10854-023-10318-9

Sub-Stochiometric Nickel Oxide Hole-Selective Contacts in Solar Cells: Comparison of Simulations and Experiments with Sputtered Films
Authors: Nayak, M; Bergum, K; Stan, GE; Lee, IH; Kuznetsov, A


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