HYPERFINE 2021 will be jointly organized with ICAME 2021, at the Aro Palace complex in Brasov. Brasov is situated roughly in the center of Romania, at the foothill of Carpathians, about 170 km north from Bucharest. Its existence was first mentioned in a scroll dating from 1234 and it was during most of the Middle Age the capital of the Transylvanian Saxons, under the names of Kronstadt, Corona or Brassovia. Settled as an important commercial city along one of the oldest trade routes between Western Europe and Ottoman Empire, at the crossroads of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania, Brasov is abundant of history, folklore, mystery and traditions and benefits from convenient, picturesque, access routes which cross the Carpathians through Timis and Prahova valleys. Being nowadays one of the most important economic and cultural cities in the country, Brasov has thrived during the centuries due to the craftsmen who developed the city and due to its intense trade relations with cities from the other Romanian provinces.
With about 380.000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area it is currently one of the main touristic and multi-cultural towns in Romania. The most impetuous industrial development of Brasov started in 1925 with the airplane manufacturing plant where the first Romanian fighter aircrafts were produced. Strong educational and scientific activities are currently undergoing in a couple of Universities, the most known being Transylvania University of Brasov.