Instructions for Presenters

Both on-site and virtual presentations (Invited/Oral) will be done via Zoom. A suitably sized Zoom platform will be available on a laptop in the conference hall. The running presentation (on-site and virtual) will be projected on the screen in the conference hall. The computer screen of presenters (on-site and virtual) will be shared to the participants via Zoom platform, handled from the conference site. Emails invites containing the Zoom links to all the daily sessions (one Zoom link for the whole conference day) will be sent to the address provided upon registration to each confirmed participant, the day before. Timetable is given in local time, UTC+3. Participants to HYPERFINE 2021 will get also a second e-mail with the link for ICAME 2021 session and vice-versa.

A short training for the interested virtual presenters will be performed at the beginning of each session (10-15 minutes before first morning presentations and 10 minutes at the beginning of each Coffee/Lunch Break). Also, a general training with the interested virtual presenters will be performed on Sunday, 5th, between 11.00 and 11.45 (before Tutorial Presentations) and between 15.45 and 16.15 (during Coffee Break).

Invited Lectures have 30 minutes allocated (25 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion)

Oral Contributors have 20 minutes allocated (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion)

For on-site contributions:

• Tutorial/Awarded/Invited/Oral speakers with on-site contributions will be requested to provide their presentation slides in advance to each session to be uploaded on a local laptop. The uploaded presentations will be deleted at the end of each session.

• The recommended size of physical posters for on-site is A0 format (841×1189 mm2). It is highly recommended that on-site presenters upload their PDF version of the poster on the specific platform, making them available also to the virtual participants (see details at virtual posters).

For virtual poster contributions:

The poster session will take place in a virtual environment ( which simulates a conventional poster session.

The posters will be uploaded on the conference website in a specific section that will be made available on the website. To allow as much exposure and mutual interaction as hoped for, please upload the posters well before the Conference start.

The posters can be seen by the on-site and virtual participants for the whole duration of the Conference.

The recommended poster format is single page PDF (typical poster format) accompanied by a multiple page version of the poster, similar to a brief oral presentation. The single page format can be used for an overall presentation (easier access to the readers) whereas the multiple page view can be used for a more convenient explanations of the eventual questions from audience.

Poster sessions:

Four virtual poster sessions are scheduled during the Conference. To respond to the wide geographic spread of participants, one virtual poster session is scheduled very early on Thursday morning for the convenience of virtual participants from Asia, China, India, Japan and Australia, and another virtual poster session is scheduled late on Tuesday evening for the convenience of virtual participants from North and Latin Americas. Other two regular poster sessions are scheduled for European participants. During the virtual poster sessions the poster presenter has to be available for interacting with the other participants, answering their questions/comments.Please upload your poster before the Conference starts, using the procedure described here (

We wish you a stimulating and scientifically enriching HYPERFINE 2021 Conference !