The ICAME conference will be jointly organized with Hyperfine Interaction Conference by the National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP), see, from Magurele- Bucharest, which is actually part of the largest Physics Hub in Romania.

Founded in 1977, the National Institute of Materials Physics (arose from former Institute of Atomic Physics and Institute of Physics-Bucharest) is among the Top 5 research institutions in Romania (including also the largest Universities) from the scientific performances point of view (with ~190 qualified researchers it is the first one in the country by scientific productivity). Mössbauer spectroscopy investigations (as well as studies of hyperfine interactions by EPR and NMR) have an old tradition in this institute dating back to 1962. A first home-made spectrometer was built in 1962, first Mossbauer paper has been published in 1964 and one of the most known Mossbauer monographies, “Mössbauer Spectroscopy and its applications” by Danila Barb and co-workers was published in 1972. Presently, more than 95% of the Mössbauer research in Romania (focused mainly on intermetallics and oxides, molecular compounds, dispersed nanoparticulate systems, nanocomposites, thin films and multilayers, magneto-functional systems, etc.) is realized at the National Institute of Materials Physics.