Visa Application

Important suggestions – Visa application

There is no need for visa for EU citizens. They can travel with Passport or Identity Card as well. Travel advices can be seen at: However, in the special pandemic conditions, current requirements specific to any travel in Romania (for EU or non-EU citizens) related only to Covid situation can be found at:

For non-EU citizens, obtaining your visa to enter the EU may take some time for processing of your application and receipt of your visa. We encourage our non-EU participants to confirm entry requirements and apply for their visas as early as possible. Review your visa status now to determine if you need a visa or visa renewal and to find out how to schedule an interview appointment. However, due to the special pandemic situation, please visit also the site:

Currency in Romania

The currency in Romania is Romanian Leu (RON). The equivalence is 1 E = 4.91 RON, with slight daily changes (under 0.1%). There are many possibilities for exchange (eg exchange offices and the banking system which in Romania is quite developed, including the whole range of card based payments accepted in Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Museums, etc.), the only care being the exchange rate which in certain places can be inconvenient (eg in Airports).