The joint event (ICAME 2021 & HYPERFINE 2021) is a major international forum aimed at underlining recent results and future paradigm shifting directions in all aspects of Mössbauer spectroscopy and hyperfine interactions. It will bring together scientists, experts, and students from a wide variety of scientific disciplines including theoretical, nuclear, atomic, and condensed matter physics, materials science, synchrotron research, chemistry, biology, medicine, geology, and engineering and will strive to emphasize potential technological applications in these fields. Therefore, the event is a large marketplace for research instrumentation and materials science applications, related to the above-mentioned fields, products and innovations across the globe, with more than 40 countries represented.

The hybrid format has attracted up to now an overwhelming interest, surpassing previous HYPERFINE and ICAME separate Conferences in terms of registered participants, with either virtual or onsite participations from all over Europe, North and South Americas, Southeast Asia, India, China, Australia, Russia and Japan.

It is our pleasure to invite you to exhibit/sponsor to the joint HYPERFINE 2021 and ICAME 2021 conferences, as:

1) registered exhibitor with physical presence (option 1 – conference booth, or option 2 – conference booth + 10 minutes presentation slot during the conference);

2) registered exhibitor with virtual presence (option 3 – 10 minutes presentation slot during the conference);

3) marketing sponsorship (option 4 – leaflets and other promotional materials distributed to the registered participants (in hard or electronic format).

All sponsors and exhibitors will be mentioned in the printed books of abstracts of the two conferences.

What does this benefit to you:

  • Secure your participation in two of the leading networking communities (Mossbauer spectroscopy and Hyperfine Interactions) across the globe with more than 400 world leading scientists under one roof.
  • Target new customers, build upon existing relationships and achieve new business perspectives.
  • Strengthen your company’s image and visibility internationally.
  • Interact with exceptional scientists, researchers, engineers, academics, technology developers, industry leaders and policymakers in the field.
  • Participate to both ICAME 2021 and HYPERFINE 2021 in the same time and access more than 400 presentations from over 40 countries.
  • Present your company using dedicated conference booths in the Business Lounge centrally located at the Conference venue.
  • Arrange targeted meetings in the Matchmaking Sessions.
  • Enjoy and network during the Social Events of HYPERFINE 2021 and ICAME 2021.

Exhibitors: select options 1, 2 or 3, whichever best serves your needs and promote your business to your targeted market.

Sponsors: select option 4 and increase your company’s promotion throughout the whole Mössbauer and Hyperfine Interactions research communities.

Exhibitors/sponsors fees:

  • Option 1 – conference booth: 900€
  • Option 2 – conference booth + 10 min. presentation slot: 1000€
  • Option 3 – 10 min. online presentation slot during the conference: 250€
  • Option 4 – leaflets and other promotional materials: 100€

In order to proceed with the fee payment, sponsors and exhibitors should register at any of the 2 conferences by one of their representatives via:

https://infim.ro/ICAME-2021/ or https://infim.ro/hyperfine-2021/