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ICAME conference series dates back to the sixties of the last century, reaching already 35 sessions with the last one taking place in Dalian, China. It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 36-th International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect, ICAME 2021, which will be held in the historical city of Brasov, Romania, between 5-th and 10-th of September 2021. This time the ICAME event will be jointly organized with the International Conference of Hyperfine Interactions and their Applications by the National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP) from Magurele-Bucharest.

In the light of the existing coronavirus related restrictions, with the associated uncertainty about international travel and the ability to gather in large groups, the Executive and Local Organizing Committees have decided to pursue with the organization of ICAME 2021 in a hybrid format, consisting in the usual face-to-face meetings with live presentations and online (virtual) attendance joining remotely the live presentations. Switching to a fully virtual conference is not excluded, if the pandemic conditions will continue in force over the first half of the next year and no reasonable intention for a physical (face-to-face) participation will be inferred until middle of July 2021. We are however reluctant to give up with the major scientific and social benefits of a classical face-to-face meeting, which is by far considered as the most appropriate for the Mӧssbauer community. In this respect, we deeply encourage you for the live participation, if the pandemic conditions will allow it. Nevertheless, we are first and foremost concerned about the health and safety of all our conference participants and their loved ones on returning home after travelling.

On the other hand, the Local Organizing Committee is working hard to make this event serve also the needs of on line participants, who live in time zones all around the globe, in the best possible way. We believe that the hybrid format, with both physical and virtual presence, opens up new opportunities and challenges as well, for communication and interaction amongst participants. For instance, we shall run forums during the conference to allow for direct and convenient interactions with the presenters of talks and posters. Also, a special online welcome event is planned to be included in the program to further enhance the social and scientific connections. Tutorials are planned as usual in the first day of the conference (5-th of September) and following the same rules of the hybrid event.

We hope that you will, once again, submit your best work on applications of Mӧssbauer effect to ICAME 2021 Conference. We encourage all prospective participants to register and submit an abstract at their earliest convenience, in order to be able to schedule as early as possible the conference program. For this purpose, the Local Organizing Committee has decided to propose to the participants a flexible approach for registration. It is possible to register initially at the low registration fee (on-line participation) and if conditions are met and the participants desire to switch to physical presence then the difference to the high registration fee can be paid afterwards. We strongly encourage the participants who decide for the physical participation to proceed to the on line payment of the associated registration fee (by all means, including wired transfer, credit cards, etc.) with at least 45 days before the conference, in order to give a real support and hope for the
hybrid format.
The booking of accommodation will be made directly by the participants. The Local Organizing Committee will arrange with the involved accommodation units the reservation of a reasonable number of rooms for up to 45 days before the conference.