Dr. Neatu Stefan

Senior Researcher II

Laboratory of Nanoscale Condensed Matter



2005 - 2010 PhD in Chemistry at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania / “Photocatalytic degradation of vesicant and neurotoxic compounds using catalytic systems based on titanium dioxide

2003 - 2005 Master in Catalysis and Catalytic Processes at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Technology and Catalysis, Bucharest, Romania / Isobutane dehydrogenation over Cr2O3/Al2O3 modified catalysts

1995 - 2003 Graduate in Chemistry, University of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Organic Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania / The synthesis of pyrrolo [1,2-b] pyridazine through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions


April 2018 onwards: Scientific Researcher II at National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele, Romania

July 2014 - April 2018: Scientific Researcher III at National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele, Romania

July 2014 - September 2017: Scientific Researcher at S.C. Stimpex S.A., Bucharest, Romania

July 2010 - May 2012: Chemistry Expert at S.C. Cromatec Plus S.R.L., Bucharest, Romania

June 2007 - December 2009Research assistant at University of Bucharest, Catalysis and Catalytic Processes Research Centre, Bucharest, Romania



November 2012 - November 2014: Marie Curie IEF postdoctoral fellowship at the Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica, Technical University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

October 2011 - December 2012: Postdoctoral fellowship at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

June 2008 - September 2008: NATO fellowship–Chemist researcher at the Instituto de Tecnología Química, Technical University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

January 2007 - March 2007: NATO fellowship–Chemist researcher at University of Ottawa, Ontario, Ottawa, Canada

May 2006 - August 2006: NATO fellowship–Chemist researcher at the Dipartimento di Chimica IFM and NIS-Centre of Excellence, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Research interests

Heterogeneous photocatalysis

Heterogeneous catalysis


Specialized in the use of several materials characterization techniques (PXRD, SEM, textural measurements), spectral techniques (FTIR, DRIFT, FTNIR, UV-Vis-NIR, DR-UV-Vis, Raman, XPS, AAS, AES, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, TAS), thermal analysis (DSC, TG-DTA, DMA, TMA, STA), hyphenated techniques (DSC-Raman, TG-IR, TG-MS, TG-GC/MS), elemental analysis (CHNS/O) and chromatographic analysis (GC, GC-MS, HPLC).  



A. Primo, S. Neatu, H. Garcia, "Photocatalytic CO2 reduction"Advanced Materials for Clean Energy2015, 421–444; DOI: 10.1201/b18287; ISBN: 978-1-4822-0580-0978-1-4822-0578-7


1. The development of nanocomposite systems for photoelectrocatalytic applications
Project Type: TE, Start Date: 2018-05-02 End Date: 2020-10-30
2. Integrated nanosystems for solar fuel generation
Project Type: TE, Start Date: 2015-10-01 End Date: 2017-11-30

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