Ferromagnetic shape memory ribbons as contact free active elements in micropump

Project Director: Dr. Mihaela Sofronie

The present project aims to provide a demonstrator, at lab-scale, for a new generation of micropumps, by using as active element a ferromagnetic shape memory (FSM) alloy, namely Ni-Mn-Ga based alloys with the best magnetoelastic properties. The bulk and ribbons with extended and/or complementary multifunctional characteristics will be produced, for use as the basic components from lab-micropumps. An important benefit is that the FSM element, which is in direct contact with the pumped fluid in micropump, is total controlled by the driving mechanism (permanent magnet) that is physically separated from the element itself. Inside the micropump, the “moving” element is the material shrinkage that follows the rotation of the magnetic field and thus transports the liquid/gas volume to the exit.  The formed cavity moves with the direction of the magnetic field and thus the flow direction can be reversed by changing the direction of field rotation. The thickness of the FSM element and the diameter of the magnet determine the fluid volume transferred, which allows touse the materials with different thicknesses to transport liquids/gas with different properties. The project novelty is twofold: first, are being investigated the magnetoelastic properties under variable applied magnetic field, via magnetic field induced strains, in polycrystals material prepared as bulk and ribbons, of Ni-Mn-Ga based alloys.  The second novelty consists in the preparation method: the melt spinning technique is an effective one-step processing route to produce textured polycrystalline ribbons necessary for miniaturization and smart integration in the microfluidic technologies. The high texture provided by the columnar microstructure and thermal treatments, is able to enhance the mobility of martensitic twin variant boundaries to get improved shrinkage.

PhD. Mihaela Sofronie – project manager, CSIII, INCDFM, ID Brainmap: U-1700-035N-9608.

PhD. Felicia Tolea – membership, CSIII, INCDFM, ID Brainmap: U-1700-034X-9608

PhD.  Bogdan Popescu - membership, CS, INCDFM, U-1700-030K-4974

PhD.  Monica Enculescu -  membership, CSI, INCDFM, ID Brainmap: U-1700-038C-9631

PhD. Anda-Elena Stanciu - membership, ACS, INCDFM, ID Brainmap: U-1800-046A-7559


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