Hybrid materials based on carbon nanotubes, heteropolyacids and conducting polymers for applications in energy storage field

Project Director: Dr. Mihaela BAIBARAC

Project Duration 3 years  ( 01.10.2008- 01.11.2011 )

Contractual Authority: National Center of Program Management ( NCPM )



The project develops research regarding : i) the fabrication of new materials based on  carbon nanotubes (CNs), heteropolyacids (H) with Keggin structure (Angstrom scale anionic clusters) and conducting polymers (PC), ii) their characterization by non-destructive optical methods and electrochemical techniques, iii) the use of these materials in demonstrative applications in the energy storage field and as active material in supercapacitors. The project implies activities of :
a) evaluation of the physical and chemical interactions that take place between the components forming the composites materials by a1) measurement of UV-VIS-NIR absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy, a2) vibrational spectroscopy (volume and surface Raman scattering and FTIR spectroscopy)  and
b) electrochemical characterization of the new composite materials by b1) electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies concerning the interaction of CNs with heteropolyacids of the type phosphomolybdic acid, silicotungstic acid and phosphotungstic acid  and the influence of synthesis mixtures  and temperature on the conducting properties of the hybrid material of the type CNs/heteropolyacids/conducting polymers and b2) charge-discharge tests for evaluation of supercapacitors based on carbon nanotubes, heteropolyacids and conducting polymers. CNs of the type single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), double-wall carbon nanotubes (DWNTs) and multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and conducting polymers as poly 5-amino-1-naphtole, polypyrrole and polydiphenylamine are studied in this project.


The main objectives are:
i) elaboration of new methods for the purification of carbon nanotubes in the presence of acid medium and neutral surfactants;
ii) evidencing by vibrational spectroscopic studies of the functionalization of CNs with heteropolyacids with Keggin structure;
iii) developing of chemical and electrochemical synthesis methods in order to obtain composites based on carbon nanotubes functionalized both with heteropolyacids and conducting polymers and their optical characterization;
iv) determining of main working parameters of simmetrical supercapacitors based on electrodes having as active materials conducting polymers and heteropolyacids functionalized carbon nanotubes

Coordonation Institution: National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest         
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Dr. Lucian Pintilie
General Director
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National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest
INCDFM   http://www.infim.ro
Project Director:  Dr.Mihaela Baibarac  <barac@infim.ro>

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University ”Polytehnica” of Bucharest
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Published Papers

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Conferences & Workshops

M. Baibarac, I. Baltog, S. Lefrant, P. Gomez-Romero, Optical and electrochimical properties of the composites based on poly diphenylamine and single walled carbon nanotubes, International Conference on carbon nanostructured materials, 4-8 October 2009, Greece

V. Branzoi, F. Branzoi and L. Pilan, Nanoporous Composites Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Conducting Polymers for Obtaining of Modified Electrodes, 218 ECS Meeting, The Electrochemical Society, Meeting, 10-15 Oct, 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada.


      IOptical and electrochemical properties of carbon nanotubes functionalized with heteropolyacids28.02.2009
     IISynthesis and optical characterization of conducting polymers (poly 5-amino-1-naphtole, polypyrrole, polydiphenylamine) used as host matrix for the carbon nanotubes functionalized with heteropolyacids.15.12.2009
 IIIChemical and electrochemical synthesis and optical characterization of composites based on carbon nanotubes stabilized with heteropolyacids and conducting polymers.17.12.2010
IVEvaluation of the performance of the symmetric electrochemical capacitors, using as active materials for electrodes composites based on carbon nanotubes functionalized with heteropolyanions and conducting polymers.01.10.2011



INCDFMChemistry laboratory endowed with: recess, drying stove, analytic balance-Explorer Proultrasonication bath Elma S120 Elmasonic, mechanical stirring apparatus IKA&RTC basic, Sigma 2-16 ultra centrifugetubular oven Protherm Alser Tecknik series, FALC thermostat,  potentiostat/galvanostat Voltalab 80 Radiometer Analyticali) FT Raman spectrometer RFS-100 Bruker;
ii) spectrometer  Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog, model FL-3.22;
iii) Raman experimental set-up operating with excitation light comming from a Argon and Krypton lasers;
iv) Photoluminescence experimental set-up operating under pulse excitation;
v) Photoconductivity experimental set-up with Vibrating Reed electrometer as detector;
vi) FTIR spectrometer model Bruker IFS/Vertex 80;
vii) absorption spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR, Lamda 90, Perkin Elmer;


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