Memristive multiferroic junctions (MMs)

Project Director: Dr. Bogdana BORCA

Versatile multi-level memristive elements based on multiferroic tunnel junctions have outstanding features determined by the possibility to modulate the junction’s current by independently controlling the magnetization orientation of the ferromagnetic electrodes and the ferroelectric polarization of the tunnel barrier. The coupling of these magneto-electric properties is one of the most active field of research in materials sciences opening a large spectrum of technological applications from nonvolative memory, to elements in logic circuits, sensing devices, energy harvesting, biological synapses models in the emerging area of neuromorphic computing and artificial intelligence. Herein, we will demonstrate the multi-memristive spintronic states behavior of multiferroic tunnel junctions in elements with two terminals composed of nanoscale tunneling barrier consisting on organic ferroelectric films and for the first time of biomolecules, sandwiched between two different magnetic Heusler alloys electrodes. The realization of these resistive states – a transition from TRL2 to TRL3 level - will be controlled by the dependence of the tunneling current through this heterostructure on the electrical polarization of the ferroelectric film (the tunneling electroresistance) and on the relative orientation of the magnetization of the magnetic electrodes (the tunneling magnetoresistance). Moreover, a reciprocal influence between the electric and the magnetic properties can be realized by the control of the magneto-electric coupling at the interfaces using multifunctional effects associated to temperature or mechanical changes, i.e. the pyro- and piezo-electric properties of the ferroelectrics and the magneto-caloric, magneto-restrictive and the strong spin-polarization effects of the chosen compounds of the magnetic electrodes.

Dr. Bogdana Borca -project leader

Dr. Victor Kuncser

Dr. Marcela Socol

Dr. Lucian Trupina

Dr. Gabriel Schinteie

Dr. Ancuta Birsan

Dr. Cristina Chirila

Dr. Nicusor Iacob

Mr. Claudiu Locovei

Eng. Aurel Leca


1.Results on memristive multiferroic junctions, submitted to RSC Advances :

N.Iacob et al. "Artificial memory element based on guanine nucleobase"

2. Results on memristive multiferroic junctions presented at the 7th edition of the International Workshop of Materials Physics (Magurele, Romania, August 31-st-oral presentation) 

B. Borca "Memristive effects in multiferroic metal-organic heterostructures"

3. Studies on magnetic films, published in Coatings

A.E. Stanciu et al. "Magnetic Properties of Nanosized Fe and FeCo Systems on Trenched Mo Templates"

4. Nanosystems-edit. presentation, published in Coatings

B. Borca & C. Bartha, "Advances of Nanoparticles and Thin Films"


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