Field effect transistors based on new transparent heterostructures synthesized at low temperatures (TRANSTEC)

Project Director: Dr. Cristina BESLEAGA STAN

Project ID: PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-1122

Project Director: Dr. Cristina Besleaga Stan

Project Type: National

Project Program:  HUMAN RESOURCES, Young Teams

Funded by: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI

Contractor: National Institute of Materials Physics

Project Status: Finished

Start Date: 1 October, 2015

End Date: 30 Septembrie, 2017


Project summary: 

The main objective of the project is to manufacture transparent field effect transistors with superior performances, based on aluminum nitride gate dielectrics. Although aluminum nitride is a very promising material for such type of applications, its use as gate dielectric in transparent transistors is an international novelty. Therefore, this project can generate, by its implementation, a significant impact to the development of transparent electronics. The project proposal will entail complex and fluid research activities, from the synthesis of materials and their characterization in view of optimization, to the fabrication of high performing devices on both rigid and flexible substrates. In order to achieve transistors with n functional response superior to the one of the devices used currently in transparent electronics, the project team will employ a series of optimization solutions (testing new geometries, post-fabrication thermal treatments and various encapsulation solutions). Last but not least, the project will represent a great opportunity for the young project team to form a strong scientific nucleus, which, by using the complex infrastructure of the host institution, will be able to contribute to the progress of micro-nano-electronics, on both nationally and internationally level.


Project objectives: 


General Objective: developing low cost, highly efficient AlN/IGZO based TTFTs on glass and flexible substrates.

In order to achieve this goal, the following sequence of

Specific Objectives is proposed:

O1. Fabrication of TFT devices and identification of their optimal post-deposition treatments;
O2. Investigation of electrical active defects in the volume of IGZO and at its interface with AlN;
O3. Optimization of the TTFT device geometry;
O4. Identification of the best encapsulation process for AlN based TTFTs;
O5. Consolidation of a team of young researchers with complementary technical and scientifical skills, capable to accomplish the project objectives;
O6. Dissemination: Publication of scientific ISI articles and a patent request for this type of TTFTs.

  • Cristina BESLEAGA STAN (ResearcherID: G-5179-2012) – Project director;
  • Liliana-Marinela TRÎNCĂ (ResearcherID: E-7100-2014 – Research team member;
  • Roxana RADU (ResearcherID: A-9581-2014 – Research team member;
  • George STAN (ResearcherID: B-5690-2011) – Research team member;
  • Phd student Andrei Gabriel TOMULESCU – Research team member;
  • Ioana PINTILIE (ResearcherID: C-4545-2011) – Research team member;
  • Aurelian-Catalin GALCA (ResearcherID: C-7386-2009) – Research team member;
  • Lucian Dragos FILIP (ResearcherID: B-7059-2011) – Research team member.
  • 2015:SYNTHETICAL SCIENTIFIC REPORT nr. 1 in *.pdf format available by request at UEFISCDI;
  • 2016:SYNTHETICAL SCIENTIFIC REPORT nr. 2 in *.pdf format available by request at UEFISCDI;
  • 2017: FINAL SCIENTIFIC REPORT in *.pdf format available by request at UEFISCDI.

Web of Science® articles:

  • C. Besleaga, G.E. Stan, I. Pintilie, P. Barquinha, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, Transparent field-effect transistors based on ALN-gate dielectric and IGZO-channel semiconductor, APPL SURF SCI 379 (2016) 270.
  • L.M. Trinca, C. Besleaga, V. Stancu, R. Radu, A. Iuga, A.G. Boni, A.C. Galca, L. Pintilie, Temperature influence on the capacitance-voltage hysteresis of transparent a-IGZO/PZT/FTO MFS-heterostructure, ROM REP PHYS 69 (2017) 506.
  • C. Besleaga, V. Dumitru, L.M. Trinca, A.C. Popa, C.C. Negrila, Ł. Kołodziejczyk, C.R. Luculescu, G.C. Ionescu, R.G. Ripeanu, A. Vladescu, G.E. Stan, Mechanical, corrosion and biological properties of room-temperature sputtered aluminum nitride films with dissimilar nanostructure, NANOMATERIALS 7 (2017) 394.

Patent request:

"Ultra-low power respiration rate sensor"

This invention relates to an electronic device for monitoring the respiratory rate. The sensor is based on an indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (IGZO) thin film transistor (TFT). The device detects the respiration when it is placed in the expired airflow even at a distance of few centimeters from the human face. The humid exhaled air influences the drain and gate currents of the transistor. The variation of the drain and gate currents is used for respiration rate monitoring. The IGZO transistor could be used as respiration sensor with an ultra-low (<1 nW) power consume, being very suitable for integration in wearable devices.


Senior Researcher III

Department: Laboratory of Multifunctional Materials and Structures


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