Complex training facility for development, testing and validation of reaction means of special intervention forces against asymmetrical threats and risks in urban areas

Project Director: Dr. Victor KUNCSER

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An innovative prototype for a complex simulator aimed to the training, development, testing and validation of the reaction means specific to the Special Police Forces belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, with respect to asymmetrical risks and threats in urban areas is proposed to be realized within this project. According to specific requests and imposed reference terms, the proposed training simulator will include as main components: (i) a simulation module specific to interventions to dynamic asymmetric threats, (ii) a simulation module for manual intervention (defusing) on explosive devices, (iii) a proper system for intervention in urban area aimed to neutralization of the improvised explosive devices, by using reduced charges. The specific objectives are related to the development of each component of the complex simulator.


The scientific support, configuration, implementation, optimization and final testing of the complex three-modular simulator for training of the special intervention forces belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be provided. The complex training simulator will assure the real urban conditions and environments with respect to asymmetric threats. The final aim of the project is to deliver an advanced infrastructure to support and develop specific scenarios which involve asymmetric threats, in order to train and improve the required skills of the special intervention forces.


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