Core-shell nanowires based on TiO2 and CuO for optoelectronic device applications

Project Director: Dr. Andreea Costas

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Project leader: Dr. Andreea Costas
Project type: National
Project Program:  PD
Funded by:  Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI
Contractor:  National Institute of Materials Physics

Nowadays, optoelectronic devices have become very important from scientific, computing, communication and socio-economic point of view. Especially, photodetectors and light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been successfully used in flame detection, advanced communications, ozone sensing, missile warning systems, sensors, optical fibers, traffic lights, etc. Given the demand for continuous miniaturization and reduced energy consumption, development of nanoscale optoelectronic devices with semiconductor nanowires as key elements have attracted the attention of researchers. Core-shell heterojunction nanowires are emerging as a new powerful class of smart materials with controlled interfaces and enhanced multi-functionalities that could led to the development of the next generation high performance optoelectronic devices. In this context, the scope of the project is to prepare vertically aligned core-shell nanowire arrays based on TiO2 and CuO by using a two-step process, combining a hydrothermal method or thermal oxidation with radio-frequency magnetron sputtering. Moreover, their optoelectronic properties will be investigated in detail in order to assess their integration as single nanowires into optoelectronic devices like photodetectors or light emitting diodes by employing lithographic techniques. The development of high performance and energy efficient optoelectronic devices based on single core-shell TiO2-CuO heterojunction nanowires can expand the area of applications of optoelectronic devices to advanced military defense warning systems, UV communications, wearable intelligent electronics, environmental monitoring, medicine etc., due to the their multi-functionalities arising from the synergistic effect of the radial heterojunction formed between the two semiconductors in the TiO2-CuO core-shell nanowires.

Dr. Andreea Costas - project leader

Prof. Dr. Stefan Antohe - mentor

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