Interplay structure-functionality in the case of nanostructured materials for gas sensors by electron tomography and operando TEM

Project Director: Dr. Corneliu GHICA
Project ID: PN-III-P3-3.1-PM-RO-FR-2019-0219
Project Director: Dr. Corneliu Ghica
Project Type: National
Project Program: PNIII - P3: European and International Cooperation
Funding agency: UEFISCDI
Status: Running
Start date: July 1-st, 2019
End date: December 15-th, 2020


Project abstract

This project of bilateral cooperation aims at strengthening the collaboration relationship between two leading research entities in the field of materials science in Romania (NIMP) and France (IPCMS), thus contributing to the creation of a European Research Area. The project has two sides: a scientific side, focused on the corellation between the microstrucural and functional properties of new materials for gas sensors, and a learning side, consisting in training and knowledge transfer activities from the French part towards the Romanian partner, consolidating the role of NIMP as an important pole in the field of materials science, nanoscience and nanotechnology in Romania. A scientific project dedicated to the study of the morphological, structural and functional properties of nanostructured materials for gas sensors is presently running at NIMP in the frame of the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2015-2020 (project PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0529), involving all the researches included in this bilateral project. Therefore, the bilateral project comes to support the running national project, representing a real source of added value both on the scientific and the human resource forming sides, by utilizing advanced investigation techniques (electron tomography, operando TEM/STEM) and developing scientific competences not yet existing in Romania.


Project objectives:

1. Refinement of the data acquisition and processing techniques in electron tomography for resolving nanoscale morphological details in the case of decorated SMOX materials.

2. Real time nanoscale investigation by in situ and operando TEM of morphological, structural and chemical transformations in SMOX materials while functioning as gas sensors in real working conditions.


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