Metallic Electrode with 2D Photonic Crystal type Architecture for Bio(organic) Multilayer Structures

Project Director: Dr. Marcela SOCOL
Project ID: CONTRACT No. 784/25.06.2014
Project Director: Dr. Marcela Socol
Project Type: International
Funded by: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI
Contractor: National Institute of Materials Physics
Start Date: Sunday, 1 February, 2015
End Date: Monday, 1 February, 2016
Project Abstract:

An important objective in the organic devices research domain is to improve their performances by the control of the mechanisms of generation, injection and transport of charge careers, in which are involved the both metallic and transparent conductor electrodes (TCE).
For the first time, the project proposes small molecule organic compounds and bioorganic (nucleic acid bases) multilayer structures which contains simultaneously a 3 layers oxide/metal/oxide TCE (cheaper, with optical, electrical and mechanical improved properties compared to the single layer TCE)  and a 2D photonic crystal (PC) type architecture metallic electrode (which combines the PC properties created at the metal-organic interface with the plasmonic effects generated by the nanostructuring of the metallic electrode with the purpose to improve the optical and electrical properties). Structures, for both photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications, are analysed. The effect of nanostructuring and sizing on the organic structures performances will be investigated by comparison with the performances of the corresponding reference structures with plan metallic electrode, made using the same compounds.

The nanostructuring of the metallic electrode and the realisation of the 2D photonic crystal architecture by electron beam lithography is the main contribution of the Romanian partner and the realisation and characterisation of TCE is the main contribution of the French partner.


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