Nanocomposites based on recycled cellulose and carbon nanotubes for construction materials with improved fire resistance

Project Leader for NIMP: Dr. Mihaela BAIBARAC


Project ID: CONTRACT No. 589PED/2022

Project Director: Prof. Dr. Monica-Maria Baia

Project Leader for NIMP: Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

Project Type: Demonstrative experimental project

Project Program: Increasing the competitiveness of the Romanian economy through research, development and innovation

Funded by: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI

Contractor: Babes-Bolyai University

Start Date: May, 2022

End Date: June, 2024

Project Abstract: 


Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Project Director: CSI. Dr. Habil. Monica-Maria Baia

National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP), Romania – Project Leader for NIMP: CSI Dr. Habil. Mihaela Baibarac

Fire Officers Faculty, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Bucharest, Romania – Project Leader: Loc. Col. CSII Dr. Ion Anghel

NIMP’s team members:


  1. Patent application A00737/16.11.2022: Method of obtaining composites based on expanded polystyrene and graphene oxide functionalized with compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus atoms as fire-retardant agents, Baibarac Mihaela, Stroe Malvina, Paraschiv Mirela, Baia Gheorghe Lucian, Coteț Liviu Cosmin, Mureșan-Pop Marieta, Cadar Călin, Mihiș Alin-Grig, Baia Monica Maria, Anghel Ion, Șofran Ioana-Emilia;

  2. Mihis, A. G., Cotet, L. C., Cadar, C., Pop, L. C., Todea, M., Rusu, M. M., Vulpoi A., Székely, I., Sălăgean, C.A., Magyari, K., Muresan-Pop. M., Cadar, O., Baia, M., Sofran I.E., Lisa, G. Anghel, I., Baibarac, M., Danciu, V., Baia, L. Structural and flame retardancy properties of GO-DOPO-HAK composite. Journal of Materials Science, 1-23, (2023)

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Project Contact Person: Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

Phone: +40-212418112

Fax    : +40-21369 0177



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