Study of Induced Effects by Defects and Impurities on Optical, Electrical and Electronic Properties of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Project Director: Dr. Aurelian Catalin GALCA

Project ID:
PN-II-RU-TE-2011-3-0016 Contract Nr. 19/05.10.2011
Project Director:
Dr. Aurelian-Catalin Galca
Project Type:
Project Program:
Funded by:
Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI
National Institute of Materials Physics
Project Status:
Start Date:
Saturday, 1 October, 2011
End Date:
Wednesday, 1 October, 2014
Project Abstract:
The aim of this project is the analysis of wide band gap semiconductor (WBS) thin films by use of non-destructive characterization techniques: ellipsometry, XRD and luminescence. These materials have existing or potential applications in optics and/or electronics. WBS thin films will be obtained by use of different thin films growth methods: pulsed laser deposition, magnetron sputtering, sol-gel and direct growth from colloidal suspension. The influence of defects and impurities on optical, electrical and electronic properties of such materials will be analyzed. The results from presented optical studies will be verified by conventional electrical measurements and structural analysis by electronic microscopy.
The project is focused on 3 types of wide band gap semiconductors: zinc oxide (ZnO) pure or doped with different elements; zinc nitride (Zn3N2) and the intermediary phases during controlled oxidation; and aluminum indium nitride (AlxIn1-xN) pure and doped with Zn. One objective is to grow and to characterize the n-type semiconductors with reproducible properties.
The estimated results will bring new insights regarding the physics phenomena involved in the growth process and the material properties, essential for obtaining viable results. In addition, special activities will be included in the project concerning the correlation between the fundamental knowledge and practical necessities of electronics, and the standardization of the growth of thin films below 200C.
Project Objectives:
The project objectives are:
1) Thin solid films with potential integration in variuos devices
2) Extended thin film characterization; structural, optical and electrical properties of obtained thin films
The extimated results will be quantified by scientific articles published in journal with relatively high impact factor (>1.5).
Regarding the scientific articles, at least 3 articles will result from the activities developed in this project.

role within the projectmain expertise
dr. Aurelian-Catalin Galcaproject managerellipsometry
dr. George Stanyoung member / senior researchermagnetron sputtering
dr. Lucian Filipyoung member / senior researchersimulations
dr. Cristina  Florentina Chirila (Dragoi)young member / senior researcherpulsed laser deposition
dr. Viorica Stancuyoung member / senior researchersol-gel deposition
Cristina Besleaga Stanyoung member / junior researcher (ph.d. student)electrical characterization
Liliana Marinela Trincayoung member / senior researcher (master student)wet deposition methods (e.g. sol-gel), targets sintering
dr. Iuliana Pasuksenior researcherX-ray diffraction and X-ray reflectivity
dr. Mihail Secusenior researcherluminescence
dr. Marin Cerneasenior researcherwet deposition methods (e.g. sol-gel), targets sintering
dr. Ioana Pintiliesenior researcherelectrical characterization
dr. Corneliu Ghicasenior researchertransmission electron microscopy

List of Publications:

  1. Structural and optical properties of c-axis oriented aluminum nitride thin films prepared at low temperature by reactive radio-frequency magnetron sputtering

A.C. GalcaG.E. StanL.M. Trinca, C.C. Negrila, L.C. Nistor

Thin Solid Films 524  2012, 328-333 doi:10.1016/j.tsf.2012.10.015

  1. Structural, optical and dielectric properties of Bi1.5-xZn00.92-yNb1.5O6.92-δ thin films grown by PLD on R plane sapphire andLaAlO3 substrates
  2. Le Febvrier, A.C. Galca, Y. Corredores, S. Députier, V. Bouquet, V. Demange, X. Castel, R. Sauleau, R. Lefort, Ly. Zhang, G. Tanné, L. Pintilie, M. Guilloux-Viry

ACS Appl. Mat. Interf.  4 (10) 2012, 5227-5233  doi:10.1021/am301152r

  1. Stoichiometry dependence of the optical properties of amorphous-like Inx−wGawZn1−xO1+0.5x−δ thin films

A.C. Galca, G. Socol, L.M. Trinca, V. Craciun

Appl. Surf. Sci. 281 2013, 96-99, doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2013.01.176

  1. Quantitative analysis of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin films synthesized by Combinatorial Pulsed Laser Deposition
  2. Axente, G. Socol, S. A. Beldjilali, L. Mercadier, C.R. Luculescu, L.M. TrincaA.C. Galca, D. Pantelica, P. Ionescu, N. Becherescu, J. Hermann, V. Craciun

Appl. Phys. A -Mater. Sci. Process. 117 2014, 229–236, doi:10.1007/s00339-014-8427-y

  1. Investigation of DC magnetron-sputtered TiO2 coatings: Effect of coating thickness, structure, and morphology on photocatalytic activity
  2. Daviðsdóttir, R. Shabadi, A.C. Galca, I.H. Andersen, K. Dirscherl, R. Ambat

Appl. Surf. Sci. 313 2014, 677–686, doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2014.06.047

  1. Physical properties of AlxIn1-xN thin film alloys sputtered at low temperature
  2. BesleagaA.C. Galca, C.F. Miclea, I. Mercioniu, M. Enculescu, G.E. Stan, A.O. Mateescu, V.

Dumitru, S. Costea

  1. Appl. Phys.116 (16) 2014, 042440, doi:accepted
  2. Growth evolution of zinc oxide thin films synthesized by magnetron sputtering at low temperature
  3. BesleagaA.C. GalcaG.E. StanC. GhicaI. Pasuk

Submitted to J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys.


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