The development of integrated diagnostic methods for the rapid detection of liver diseases

Project Leader for NIMP: Dr. Mihaela BAIBARAC

Project ID: POC390/2021

Project Director: Dr. Szilard Fejer from PRO-VITAM SRL

Project Leader for NIMP: Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

Project Type: Innovative technological project

Project Program: Competitiveness operational program

Funded by: Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research

Contractor: PRO-VITAM SRL

Start Date: 11.10.2021

End Date: 31.12.2023

Project Abstract: see

S.C. PRO-VITAM SRL, Romania – Project Director: Dr. Dr. Szilard Fejer

National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP), Romania – Project Leader: Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

The Institute of Biochemistry, Romania – Project Leader: Dr. Popescu Costin Ioan

NIMP’s team members:

  • Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

  • Dr. Socol Marcela

  • Dr. Irina Ionela Zgura

  • Dr. Marian Sima

  • Dr. Ion Smaranda

  • Dr. Adelina Udrescu

  • Dr. Andreea Nila

  • Dr. Mirela Vaduva (Ilie)

  • PhD student Monica Daescu (Dinescu)

  • Dr. Iosif Simandan

  • Dr. Malvina Stroe (Scocioreanu)

  • Tech. Ion Lutea

1. Patent application A 00864/21.12.2023: Method of preparation of screen-printed electrodes modified with oxidized single-walled carbon nanotubes and decorated with graphene quantum dots for applications in the field of electrochemical sensors, M. Baibarac, M. Paraschiv, S. Florica, S. Fejer

2. Patent application A 00700/16.11.2023: Synthesis method of composites based on graphene oxide, graphene quantum dots and gold nanoparticles, M. Baibarac, M. Paraschiv, S. Florica, A. Androne, S. Fejer

Contact Person for NIMP: Dr. Mihaela Baibarac

Phone: +40-212418112

Fax    : +40-21369 0177



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