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31. Optical, Structural, and Dielectric Properties of Composites Based on Thermoplastic Polymers of the Polyolefin and Polyurethane Type and BaTiO3 Nanoparticles
Authors: Baibarac, M; Nila, A; Smaranda, I; Stroe, M; Stingescu, L; Cristea, M; Cercel, RC; Lorinczi, A; Ganea, P; Mercioniu, I; Ciobanu, R; Schreiner, C; Garcia, RG; Bartha, C

Published: FEB 2021, MATERIALS, 14, 753, DOI: 10.3390/ma14040753

32. Multi-Level Evaluation of UV Action upon Vitamin D Enhanced, Silver Doped Hydroxyapatite Thin Films Deposited on Titanium Substrate
Authors: Negrila, CC; Predoi, D; Ghita, RV; Iconaru, SL; Ciobanu, SC; Manea, M; Badea, ML; Costescu, A; Trusca, R; Predoi, G; Stanciu, GA; Hristu, R; Dragu, LD; Bleotu, C; Groza, A; Marinas, IC; Chifiriuc, MC

Published: FEB 2021, COATINGS, 11, 120, DOI: 10.3390/coatings11020120

33. Development of Iron-Doped Hydroxyapatite Coatings
Authors: Predoi, D; Iconaru, SL; Ciobanu, SC; Predoi, SA; Buton, N; Megier, C; Beuran, M

Published: FEB 2021, COATINGS, 11, 186, DOI: 10.3390/coatings11020186

34. Optical Evidence for the Assembly of Sensors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide and Polydiphenylamine for the Detection of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Authors: Baibarac, M; Daescu, M; Fejer, SN

Published: FEB 2021, COATINGS, 11, 258, DOI: 10.3390/coatings11020258

35. Preparation of isocyanate-free composite coating with controlled molecular architecture: A new convergent approach to functional macromolecules
Authors: Haniffa, MAM; Chee, CY; Illias, HA; Halil, A; Munawer, K; Sandu, V; Chuah, CH

Published: FEB 2021, PROGRESS IN ORGANIC COATINGS, 151, 106039, DOI: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2020.106039

36. The Role of Interface Defect States in n- and p-Type Ge Metal-Ferroelectric-Semiconductor Structures with Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Ferroelectric
Authors: Boni, GA; Istrate, CM; Zacharaki, C; Tsipas, P; Chaitoglou, S; Evangelou, EK; Dimoulas, A; Pintilie, I; Pintilie, L

Published: FEB 2021, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A-APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, 218, 2000500, DOI: 10.1002/pssa.202000500

37. The impact of having an oxygen-rich microporous surface in carbon electrodes for high-power aqueous supercapacitors
Authors: Herou, S; Ribadeneyra, MC; Schlee, P; Luo, H; Tanase, LC; Rossberg, C; Titirici, M

Published: FEB 2021, JOURNAL OF ENERGY CHEMISTRY, 53, DOI: 10.1016/j.jechem.2020.04.068

38. Partially-oriented MgB2 superconducting bulks with addition of B4C and cubic BN obtained by slip casting under high magnetic field and spark plasma sintering
Authors: Grigoroscuta, MA; Aldica, G; Pasuk, I; Burdusel, M; Sandu, V; Kuncser, A; Suzuki, TS; Vasylkiv, O; Badica, P

Published: FEB 2021, MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, 134, 111103, DOI: 10.1016/j.materresbull.2020.111103

39. Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Spheres Coated with Graphene Oxide Sheets: From Synthesis to Optical Properties and Their Applications as Flame-Retardant Agents
Authors: Baibarac, M; Stingescu, L; Stroe, M; Negrila, C; Matei, E; Cotet, LC; Anghel, I; Sofran, IE; Baia, L

Published: FEB 2021, POLYMERS, 13, 565, DOI: 10.3390/polym13040565

40. Hybrid Nanocomposite Platform, Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Poly(Methylene Blue) Redox Polymer Synthesized in Ethaline Deep Eutectic Solvent for Electrochemical Determination of 5-Aminosalicylic Acid
Authors: Hosu, O; Barsan, MM; Sandulescu, R; Cristea, C; Brett, CMA

Published: FEB 2021, SENSORS, 21, 1161, DOI: 10.3390/s21041161

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