Electrical and photoelectrical set-ups


Electrical and photoelectrical set-ups

Electrical characterization in dark and under illumination and Hall investigations by measurements and modelling of experimental curves:

  • current-voltage (I– Vat different temperatures T, in DC and AC regime
  • capacitance-voltage (C V), capacitance-frequency (C – f) and capacitance-time (C  t)
  • polarization-voltage (P V)
  • I– T and R – T at different bias voltages
  • Photocurrent spectra (I– λ) under modulated and continuous light regime
  • Hall measurements: VIcharacteristics for different applied currents, magnetic fields and T

Set-ups for electrical (including ferroelectric & charge storage) and photoelectrical measurements (left); Hall effect and magnetoresistance measurements (right).

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