Fluorolog-3 spectrophotometer, model Fl3-22, Horiba Jobin Yvon


Fluorolog-3 spectrophotometer, model Fl3-22, Horiba Jobin Yvon

Technical details:
-excitation source: 450 W Xe lamp
-monochromators (excitation emission): f/3.6 Czeny-Turner, double grating, all reflective
-diffraction gratings: classically ruled, 1200 tr/mm; blaze 330 nm (MEx) and 500 nm
-emission signal detector: at room tempe-rature-R928P side-on photomultiplier tube
-software package: FluorEssence 2.0 (powered by Origin 7.5)

-excitation range: 240-600 nm
-emission range: 290-850 nm
-photomultiplier response linearity: 2×106 cps (in photon counting mode)
-reference detector: stabilized Si photodiode (200-980 nm)
-dispersion (double grating monochromatore): 2.1 nm/mm
-slit settings (bandpass): 0-15 nm.

TCSPC LIFETIME UPGRADE-Lifetime range: 200 ps-1000 ps
-excitation sources: pulsed laser diode: 440 nm; 375 nm and UV LED: 280 nm
-software for single photon counting data acquisition: DataStation 2.3, software for decay
analysis: DAS6

Services offered to users: study of the photoluminescence excitation, photoluminescence and photoluminescence time decay in the UV-VIS range at RT and LNT; study of photoluminescence in NIR range.

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