HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution Scientific Raman Spectrometer


HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution Scientific Raman Spectrometer

Key features:

  • High Resolution system tailored by our engineers to specifically suit your needs.
  • Fully Motorized System from lasers to detectors
  • Achromatic spectrometer designed to cover 200 to 2100nm spectral range
  • Unsurpassed stability and accuracy due to a smart integrated and rugged design
  • High quality optical components and concepts for maximised throughput
  • Ultra Fast 3D Raman imaging with high spatial resolution
  • Patented NavMapTM navigation tool for a unique User eXperience
  • No compromise on microscopic visualisation options
  • Build to last based on our 40 years expertise with Raman spectrometers LabRAM HR Evolution offers new characterization methods for life sciences.


It uses large sample holders like cryostats, high temperature cells, high pressure cells, or just large samples.

In order to get high stability, the sample stage is hard coupled to the LabRAM HR, while focusing is achieved by adjusting the height of the microscope objectives instead of the sample stage. This microscope offers all the functions of the standard microscope.


It includes:

  • high throughput achromatic coupling optics optimized to work from UV to NIR with maximum efficiency.
  • CCD air-cooled to –60°C; 3 objectives: 5x, 10x and 100x; and 2 gratings.
  • HeNe laser kit 633nm/17 mW, including the Helium Neon laser internally mounted, the Edge and bandpass filters set at 633 nm for measurements from 50 cm-1 and the motorized switching system to allow the laser commutation fully controlled by LabSpec 6 software
  • 325 nm laser kit, including Air cooled He-Cd lasers, 325 nm / 25mW, Edge and bandpass filters set at 325 nm for Raman measurements from 150 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1, controlled by LabSpec 6 software, one column with the necessary motorized coupling optics for injecting the beam of an external UV laser in the instrument. 40X NUV objective, NA = 0.50, WD = 1 mm, 2400 gr/mm holographic grating blazed at 330 nm (spectral range 190-650nm) with pre-aligned holder, calibration and tests.
  • Full kit for Micro thermometric cell working from –196 °C to 600 °C controlled by software, with the following specifications:
  • Sample area: 22 mm diameter
  • Light aperture: 2mm, with 16mm X.Y sample manipulation
  • Stage body size – 137 x 92 x 22 mm
  • Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
  • Water cooled stage body for high temperature measurements
  • LN2 cooling device for low temperature measurements

Example of Raman spectra

Raman spectra of VAPO samples treated at (a) 200 and (b) 600 °C (https://doi.org/10.3390/catal10070728)


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