Microwave Sintering (LINN)


Microwave Sintering (LINN)

The Microwave Sintering equipment, manufactured Linn Highterm GmbH (Germany) is optimized to perform microwave assisted sintering of metallic, ceramic or composite powders in a short time at temperatures up to 1700 C. Our team has developed also technologies based on the MWS process for joining dissimilar bulk/powders materials.


Front loading / Work space: 135 mm x 135 mm x 135 mm / 6 magnetrons, maximum power 4.8 kW / Frequency: 2450 MHz / Maximum sintering temperature: 1700 C (limited by insulation parameters) / inert gas (Ar, N2), oxidizing gas (air, O2) or vacuum (~10-3 mbar) sintering / Temperature measurement by pyrometer / Maximal temperature and heating ratio depend mostly on the heated material properties ! / Susceptors for pre-heating of difficult materials / Arbitrary samples shapes / Works also for metallic materials !


Sintering of metallic, ceramic or metallo-ceramic composite powders, joining of bulk/powders disimilar materials, special heat treatments.

Included in HOTMAT infrastructure

Responsible: Dr. Andrei Galatanu

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