Setaram SETSYS Evolution TGA-DTA, DSC Thermal Analyzer


<strong>Setaram SETSYS Evolution TGA-DTA, DSC Thermal Analyzer</strong>

The thermal analysis system SETSYS Evolution is a system for dynamic scanning calorimetry (DSC) and differential thermal analysis (DTA), which is combined with a thermogravimetric (TG) unit. The system is used to determine thermal characteristics and to analyze the thermal behavior of a wide variety of materials and layer systems.  The SETSYS can be configured to operate up to 2400°C and also use controlled humidity, vacuum and highly aggressive atmospheres. In our configuration, SETSYS is connected with an OmniStar™ThermoStar™ Gas analysis system that allows the monitoring of residue gases.


– Temperature ranges: ambient to 1500 °C for TG-DSC configuration and ambient to 1750 °C for TG-DTA configuration.  

-Working atmospheres: inert atmospheres (argon, helium), vacuum, synthetic air.

-Scanning rates: up to 100 °C/min across the entire temperature range.

-Measuring range: ±20 mg.

Applications: Application examples are the analysis and determination of melting, solidification, decomposition temperatures and intervals, phase transformations as well as corrosion and oxidation processes of alloys and layer systems. It is also possible to measure the specific heat capacity. The TG unit enables to carry out thermogravimetric analysis parallel to the DSC or DTA analysis. This combination enables precise statements about phase changes, transformations and chemical reactions.

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