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Dr. Oana Rasoga

Scientific Researcher III

Laboratory of Optical Processes in Nanostructured Materials


  1. organic thin films deposition by vacuum evaporation, spincoating and Langmuir Blodgett;
  2. optical and electrical characterization of organic thin films;
  3. Electron beam lithography
  4. UV-Nanoimprit technique

Selected publications

  •  C. Breazu, M. Socol, N. Preda, E. Matei, O. Rasoga, M. Girtan, R. Mallet, F. Stanculescu, A. Stanculescu, On the properties of organic heterosctructures prepared with nano-patterned metallic electrode, Applied Surface Science, Vol. 443, 2018, 592-602;
  •  A. Stanculescu, O. Rasoga, M. Socol, L. Vacareanu, M. Grigoras, G. Socol, F. Stanculescu, C. Breazu, E. Matei, N. Preda, M. Gartan, “ MAPLE prepared heterostructures with oligoazomethine: Fullerene derivative mixed layer for photovoltaic applications”, Vol. 417, pag. 183-195, 2017;
  •  O. Rasoga, L. Sima , M. Chiritoiu,G. Popescu-Pelin, O. Fufa, V. Grumezescu, M. Socol, A. Stanculescu, I. Zgura, G. Socol, “ Biocomposite coatings based on poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxivalerate)/calcium phosphates obtained by MAPLE for bone tissue engineering, Vol. 417, pag. 204-212, 2017;
  •  A. Visan, R. Cristescu, N. Stefan, M. Miroiu, C. Nita, M. Socol, C. Florica, O. Rasoga, I. Zgura, L.E. Sima, M. Chiritoiu, M.C. Chifiriuc, A.M. Holban, I.N. Mihailescu, G. Socol, “Antimicrobial polycaprolactone/polyethylene glycol embedded lysozyme coatings of Ti implants for osteoblast functional properties in tissue engineering”,Applied Surface Science,Vol. 417, 2017, Pages 234-243,
  •  M. Socol, N. Preda, A. Stanculescu, C. Breazu, C. Florica, O. Rasoga, F. Stanculescu, G. Socol, IZO deposited by PLD on flexible substrates for organic heterostructures, Appl. Phys. A 123:371 (2017);
  •  C. Breazu, N. Preda, M. Socol, F. Stanculescu, E. Matei, I. Stavarache, G. Iordache, M. Girtan, O. Rasoga, A. Stanculescu, Investigations on the properties of a two-dimensional nanopatterned metallic film, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, Vol. 11, No. 4, October-December 2016, p. 1213 – 1229;
  •  A. Stanculescu, G. Socol, L. Vacareanu, M. Socol, O. Rasoga, C. Breazu, M. Girtan,F. Stanculescu, “MAPLE preparation and characterization of mixed arylenevinylenebased oligomers:C60 layers​”, Applied Surface Science​ 374, 2016, 278-289.
  •  M. Socol, N. Preda, O. Rasoga, C. Breazu, I. Stavarache, F. Stanculescu, G. Socol, F. Gherendi, V. Grumezescu, G. Popescu-Pelin, M. Girtan, N. Stefan, Flexible heterostructures based on metal phthalocyanines thin films obtained by MAPLE,Applied Surface Science 374, 2016, 403-410.
  • Floralice Marimona Miroiu, Nicolaie Stefan, Anita Ioana Visan, Cristina Nita, Catalin Romeo Luculescu, Oana Rasoga, Marcela Socol, Irina Zgura, Rodica Cristescu, Doina Craciun, Gabriel Socol, Composite biodegradable biopolymer coatings of silk fibroin – Poly(3-hydroxybutyric-acid-co-3-hydroxyvaleric-acid) for biomedical applications”, Volume  355, 15 November 2015, Pages 1123–1131;
  •  M. Socol, O. Rasoga, C. Breazu, G. Socol, N. Preda, I. Pasuk, D. Visan, I. Stavarache, F. Gherendi, M Girtan, U. Sidwaba, ​Heterostructures based on small molecules organic compounds​, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, ​Vol. 10, No. 4, October - December 2015, p. 1383 - 1392​.
  •  C. Breazu, A. Stanculescu, M. Socol, O. Rasoga, Effect of cholesterol on the deposition of beta-amyloid1-40 and 1-42 films, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures​, Vol. 10, No. 1, January - March 2015, p. 299 - 313​;
  • Stanculescu, A.; Socol, G.; Grigoras, M.; Ivan, T; Vacareanu, L.; Socol, M.; Rasoga, O.; Breazu, C.; Mihailescu, I. N.; Iordache, I.; Preda, N.; Stanculescu, F.; “Laser prepared organic heterostructures based on star-shaped arylenevinylene compounds”, Applied Physics A – Materials Science & Processing,  Volume: 117   Issue: 1   Pages: 261-268   Published: OCT 2014;
  •  Anca Stanculescu, Marcela Socol, Oana Rasoga, Ion N. Mihailescu, Gabriel Socol, Nicoleta Preda, Carmen Breazu, Florin Stanculescu, Laser prepared organic heterostuctures on glass/AZO, Applied Surface Sciences, 302 (2014) 169–176​.
  • F.Stanculescu, A. Stanculescu, M. Girtan, M.Socol, O. Rasoga,” Effect of the morphology on the optical and electrical properties of polycarbonate film doped with aniline derivatives monomers”, , Synthetic Metals 161(23–24), 2589-2597, 2012;
  •  O. Rasoga, L. Vacareanu, M. Grigoras, M. Enculescu,M. Socol, F.Stanculescu, I. Ionita, A. Stanculescu, ” Optical and electrical properties of arylenevinylene compunds thin films prepared by vacuum evaporation”, Synthetic Metals, 161(23–24), 2612-2617, 2012;
  • O.Rasoga, D.Dragoman,“ Engineered beam shaping effect in anisotropic photonic crystals “, Applied Optics, Volume:49   Issue: 11   Pages: 2161-2167, April 2010;
  • O. Rasoga, M. Socol, F.Stanculescu (2009), “Charge carrier transport phenomena in some organic heterojunctions” Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 11, Pages 509-514, 1 March 2009;


Research projects

  • EEA-RO-NO-2018-0438: " Elastomeric Tuneable Metasurfaces for efficient spectroscopic sensors for plastic detection" (2019-2023) - Principal Investigator;
  • Bilateral Project Romania-France: "Metallic electrode with 2D crystal photonic type architecture for Bio(organic) multilayer structures (2015-2016) - Team member;
  • PN II 153/2012 Fabrication of osteoinductive orthopedic implants with gradual 3d hierarchical structure, (2013-2016)-Team member;
  • Bilateral Romania-France Project: “Organic structures on organic conductor substrate for optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications” (2009-2010)-Team member;
  • Capacities no. 52/14.09.2007 / “Modernization and development research laboratory the field of the organic and bio-organic semiconductors for electronic photonic and sensors” (2007-2009)-Team member;
  • CEX-05-D11-63/„Optical and electronic phenomena in organic materials with conjugated bonds for photonic applications” (2005-2008)-Team member;


1. Elastomeric tuneable metasurfaces for efficient spectroscopic sensors for plastic detection
Project Type: EEA GRANTS, Start Date: 2019-07-01 End Date: 2023-05-31
2. Metasuprafețe elastomerice acordabile pentru realizarea de senzori eficienți pentru detecția de plastice
Project Type: EEA GRANTS, Start Date: 2019-07-01 End Date: 2023-03-31

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