The future of Quantum Technologies in Romania

Event date and time: 23/05/2022 9:15 am

Event location: Otetelesanu Mansion, Magurele

One-day workshop
The future of Quantum Technologies in Romania
23 of May, Otetelesanu Mansion, Magurele

The National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP) organizes a one-day workshop dedicated to the future of the Quantum Technologies in Romania. The event is in relation with the recently closed call DIGITAL-2021-QCI-01-DEPLOY-NATIONAL – Deploying advanced national QCI systems and networks (dead-line 29 of March 2022), and is aiming to join together few of the Romanian scientists working not only in Quantum Communications, but in the broader field of Quantum Technologies.

The workshop is open to all the students, researchers and private sector with interests in the field. A tentative program will be available soon. A zoom link will be made available within 5 days before the event for those not able to attend the workshop in person.

Workshop Program


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