3Flex Chemi – Automatic physisorption and chemisorption analyser – produced by Micromeritics USA


3Flex Chemi – Automatic physisorption and chemisorption analyser – produced by Micromeritics USA

The 3Flex Chemi automatic physisorption and chemisorption analyser, equipped with 3 analysis ports, is designed for high precision, high resolution, high throughput analysis for measurements of: BET specific surface area, mesopores, micropores, static chemisorption, dynamic chemisorption, vapor adsorption, heat of adsorption, and is recognized as the most advanced instrument on the market in the field of material surface characterization.


It is used for the complete characterization of materials such as: synthetic and industrial catalysts, biocatalysts, metals deposited on catalytic supports, transition metals and precious metals, acidic and basic parts of oxides – on the chemosorption side, and on the physisorption side: carbonaceous materials, pharmaceutical materials, ceramics, fillers, polymers, metals and others, which are in powder, granule, pellet or extruded form.



  • High vacuum automatic gas sorption analyser with 3 analysis ports (1 micropore port and 2 mesopore ports), including a combined chemisorption and physisorption port
  • Includes TCD detectors for TPR, TPO, TPD and TPRx studies, check valve and loop for pulsed chemisorption analysis
  • The analysis ports are also used for fine degassing, so the sample cells are finely degassed on the apparatus and then held in the same position for analysis
  • Includes sample preparation system for automatic in-situ chemisorption, with high temperature oven (up to 1100 °C), with temperature ramps, for fast and repeatable temperature control.
  • Instrument design allows switching from chemisorption to physisorption analysis in minutes for complete material characterization on a single instrument.
  • The vacuum system consists of a turbomolecular pump in series with a 4-stage diaphragm pump and provides better vacuum magnitude than any other instrument on the market.
  • Gas analysis: N2, O2, Ar, Kr, CO2, CO, H2, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, butane or other non-corrosive gases and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Includes vapour generator for analysis with aromatics or unsaturated hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene and other adsorbates)

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