Agilent Cary 600 series FTIR spectromicroscope


Agilent Cary 600 series FTIR spectromicroscope

Technical details:
– Michaelson interferometer; 57 mm dynamically aligned, 60° air bearing Michelson

– KBr beamsplitter;

– Optical microscope for infrared range Cary 610:

Collection objective: 15x IR/Visible all-reflecting on-axis Schwarzchild objective; NA = 0.62, working distance = 21 mm; Includes slide-on Ge micro ATR (Provides 1.1 um pixel size) 

– detector: Wideband MCT 100 μm (10,000–450 cm-1)

-standard spectral range: 350-9000 cm-1
-resolution: < 0.06 cm-1

Software: Resolution Pro 5.4

Services offered to users: analysis by IR spectroscopy in the geometry of the type transmission and under microscope. Applications: pharmaceutical industry; health field, nanomaterials, etc.

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