Chemical synthesis facilities


Chemical synthesis facilities

For preparation of materials by wet chemistry methods. Includes fume hood Biobase, heating mantle Winkler, magnetic stirrer with hot plate Heidolph, home manufactured autoclave, oven for heat treatment in gas flow.


–  fume hood exhaust volume 800 m3/ h

–  fume hood intake air velocity (8 velocity steps, >0.50 m/s)

–  magnetic stirrer hotplate Heidolph (maximum 1200 rpm, 350 0C)

–  heating mantle Winkler, 250 ml, maximum 450 0C

–  Jumo temperature controller for heating mantle

–  home manufactured autoclave (maximum 230 0C, 150 atm)

–  tubular furnace MTI (maximum temperature 1100 0C) for heat treatment in gas flow (5% H2 in Ar, Ar, NH3, etc)

Applications: Preparation of magnetic nanoparticles by co-precipitation, hydrothermal method or by thermal decomposition method (using high boiling point solvents). Synthesis of nanoporous materials (silica and carbonaceous) and catalysts by wet chemistry methods and subsequent thermal treatment under gas flow.      

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