Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 204 F1 (Netzsch)


Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 204 F1 (Netzsch)

DSC provides quick, reliable measurement results on caloric changes to the sample. Heat flow DSC is a technique in which the difference between the heat flow rate into a sample pan and that into a reference pan is determined as a function of temperature and/ or time. During such measurement, the sample and reference are subjected to the same controlled temperature program and a specified atmosphere. While heating or cooling at a constant rate or during isothermal steps, characteristic changes in sample properties can be determined.


– Temperature ranges: -150° C to 600 °C

-Working atmospheres: inert atmospheres (argon, helium), synthetic air. Cooling system with nitrogen.

-Scanning rates: up to 100 °C/min across the entire temperature range.

-Measuring range: ±20 mg.

Applications: A wide spectrum of materials can be analyzed: ceramic, organic, intermetallic, food compounds, etc. The melting/crystallization temperatures, the temperature ranges in which the thermal decompositions of different substances take place, the formation temperatures, the reaction enthalpies, the activation energies, the type and order of reactions, simulations of some processing variants, etc. can be determined.

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