Drop Shape Analysis DSA 100


Drop Shape Analysis DSA 100


-wetting/adhesion properties of the surfaces;

-contact angle as function of temperature (up to 400 °C);

– surface/interfacial tension of liquids

-Temperature range: from 20°C to 400°C depending on each investigated liquid;

-Measurement of contact angles in static or dynamic mode with temperature variation (20-400°C).

-Measurement of the free energy of solids with temperature variation (20-400°C).

-Measuring the roll angle up to 90°, with a precision of 0.1° and with an inclination rate from 0.1°/s to 4.5°/s;

-Measurement of surface/interfacial tension of liquids with known density, in the temperature range 20-400°C.

-Measurements are performed at atmospheric pressure;

Services offered to users: Study of the surface or interface properties of materials, with the liquid phase in the specified field.

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