Electrical measurements laboratory


Electrical measurements laboratory

Electrical measurements laboratory (see below), including: 2 LAKE SHORE cryo-probers for electrical measurements in the temperature range of 10 – 400 K; one with vertical magnetic field up to 2.5 T, and one with horizontal magnetic field up to 1.5 T, each with at least 3 micro-manipulated arms with contact needles allowing electrical measurements from liquid helium to 400 K under various electric/magnetic fields and illumination conditions; 4 cryostats, covering a temperature range between 10 – 800 K; DLTS (deep-level transient spectroscopy) and TSC (thermally stimulated current) systems  for the investigation of electrically active defects (charge carrier traps) in materials and MOS-like structures; set-up for pyroelectric measurements; ferritesters; various instruments for measuring currents, resistances and voltages (electrometers, nanovoltmeters, Lock-In amplifiers); voltage and current sources; RLC bridges; and impedance analyzers. These facilities are used to perform complex characterization of electrical (hysteresis loops; CV and I-V characteristics; impedance spectroscopy; defect spectroscopies; etc.) and superconductive properties (electron transport, thermodynamics, magnetic-field penetration depth measurements); determination of the d33 piezoelectric coefficient.

Laboratory for electrical characterization of dielectric, ferroelectric and semiconductor materials.

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