Freeze Dryer Biobase BK-FD12 T


Freeze Dryer Biobase BK-FD12 T

Freeze dryer Biobase BK-FD 12T allows extracting water from organic or inorganic materials (powders, bulk or solutions) by sublimation at low temperatures.


–  Cold trap temperature -80 0C

–  Vacuum degree < 10 Pa 

–  Drying area: 0.075 m2

–  Water capture capability: 3 kg / 24 h

–  Tray Layer: 3

–  Loading capacity: 900 ml

–  Controlled heating option

–  Defrost capability

Applications: Can be used for freeze drying (lyophilisation) of various heat-sensitive materials: drugs (antibiotics, vaccines), biological products (tissues, enzymes), chemical products (not-agglomerated nanoparticles and porous materials obtained from solutions), food industry (de-hydrated food for long term preservation), treatment of heritage objects, etc.

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