FT Raman Spectrophotometer MultiRam, Bruker


FT Raman Spectrophotometer MultiRam, Bruker

Technical details:
-excitation source: YAG:Nd laser ( 1064 nm) 500mW, horizontally polarized (H)
-Michaelson interferometer: ROCKSOLID configuration, permanently aligned
-alignment excitation source: HeNe laser, 633 nm, 1mW
-Excitation radiation rejection: NOCH filter
-Detector: Ge-diode, cooled at liquid nitrogen temperature (77K)
-Acquisition &Control software: OPUS 8.5
Performances:-spectral domain: 50-3600 cm-1 (Stokes shift),

-resolution: 1 cm-1
Experiment types:

180o (back scattering) and 90o (right angle) measuring geometries
FT-Raman Microscope
180o (back scattering) measuring geometry

Services offered to users: analysis by Raman scattering and surface enhanced Raman scattering on bulk materials and thin films. Applications: pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology field.

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