Gas Reaction Controller AMC (Advanced Material Corporation) Pitssburgh


Gas Reaction Controller AMC (Advanced Material Corporation) Pitssburgh

For investigation of gas-solid reaction kinetics and thermodynamics (Pressure-composition Isotherms) during formation/decomposition of hydrides, nitrides, etc by Sievert (volumetric) method.


  – Type of gas: hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gases. Not oxygen or corrosive gases             –   Pressure range measurements: from 0.01 atm up to 135 atm

–   Temperature range: 30 0C – 450 0C or fixed point temperature (Liquid nitrogen, dry ice, etc.)

–   Solenoid valves

–  Gas volume measurement accuracy: 1 cm3 STP at 20 atm, 10 cm3 STP at 200 atm

–  Sample holder volume: 1,7 cm 3

–  Pressure transducers accuracy: 0.03 atm (at 2 atm), 0.05 atm (at 50 atm), 0.2 atm (at 180 atm)

Applications: Preparation of hydrogen storage materials and nitrides and investigation of kinetics and thermodynamics – pressure composition isotherms of gas-solid reaction for various materials (hydrides, nitrides, MOFs, nanoporous, etc.)

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