High Temperature Laboratory Furnace


High Temperature Laboratory Furnace

The MTI GSL-1600X is a High Temperature, Single Zone small Tube Furnace with a compact footprint used to sinter all types of new material samples under vacuum or gas conditions. The furnace is is equipped with quartz tubes, vacuum flanges and and gauge, to reach temperatures up to 1600C, and has a heating zone of 100 mm. Users can set their desired temperature from the precision control center at the base as well as a temperature profile with up to 30 segments.  The maximum temperature is reached in under an hour, with heating and cooling rates at under 5°C a min above 1200°C or at 10°C /min under 1200°C.

Name:                                                  MTI GSL 1600x

Heating zone:                                      1

Constant Temperature Zone:              100 mm

Heating Element:                                SiC

Working Temperature:                        1600 °C Max. (< 1 hr)  <1500 °C Continuous

Accuracy:                                            +/- 1 ℃

Max. Heating Rate:                             <10 ℃ / min

Temperature profile programs:           30

Tube diameter:                                    60 mm OD

Annealing pressure:                            -0.1 mbar or 1013 mbar         

Gas flow:                                            1- 50 sccm Argon and/or Nitrogen

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