Hot-Press Sintering (MRF Inc.)


Hot-Press Sintering (MRF Inc.)

The Hot Press Sintering equipment, manufactured by MRF Inc. (SUA), is optimized to perform pressure assisted sintering of metallic, ceramic or composite powders in a short time at temperatures up to 2300 C. Our team has developed technologies based on the HP process for producing various shaped specimens from powders as well as for joining dissimilar bulk materials.


Front loading / Useful hot zone: ∅=4″ h=5″ within +/- 10 C can be used both as “hot press” or classic sintering / Maximum batch furnace temperature: 2400 C / Maximum „hot press” temperature: 2300 C / Increasing temperature at 100 C/min / Max. stroke force 100 kN, above 1000 C / Max. stroke distance: 4″ with ΔF = 44 N / Inert gas (Ar, He, N2) or vacuum sintering (10-3 mbar) / T measurement under 1250 C by termocouple / T measurement over 1250 C by pyrometer / Graphite die bodies and insulations


Sintering of metallic, ceramic or metallo-ceramic composite powders, joining of bulk or disimilar materials, special heat treatments, thermo-mechanical treatments.

Included in HOTMAT infrastructure

Responsible: Dr. Andrei Galatanu

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