Large scale professional 3D printer system


Large scale professional 3D printer system

CreatBot F430 is a powerful 3D printer with most advanced desktop 3D technology. It provides solutions for just about every application from concept to prototype and high performance material . It is equiped with dual extruders, the left 260°C hotend is able to print with PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon fiber, Flexible, etc. and the right 420°C hotend is made of martensite steel, which is able to print high performance material like PEEK, ULTEM, etc. It’s printing speed is up to 120 mm/s and it’s printing accuracy can reach high to 0.04 mm.

Name:                                                              Creatbot F430

Resolution:                                                      0.04 mm ~ 0.2 mm

Volume:                                                          400*300*300 mm

Runtime:                                                         24/7

Compatible Filament: Consumer-grade:        PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, PC, etc

                                    Industrial-grade:         UltraPA, PA-CF, PA-GF, ASA, TPU/E, PP, PVDF 

                                    High Performance:      PEEK, PEEK-CF, PPS, etc

Heat Control System: 1st Nozzle Temperature:         < 260 ℃

                                    2ed Nozzle Temperature:       < 420 ℃

                                    Hot Bed:                                  < 120°C

                                    Hot Chamber:                         <  70°C

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