Magnetron sputtering system for thin films deposition


Magnetron sputtering system for thin films deposition

Magnetron sputtering is deposition technology used to deposit thin layers of a target material (cathode) on the surface of a substrate (anode). The method allows to obtain single- and multi-layer structures and offers the possibility to clean the substrate with the ion beam.

No of magnetrons:                  6

Working pressure:                   2* 10-6 ~ 2* 10-2  Torr

No. of DC sources:                  2

No. of RF sources:                  2

Max. substrate size:                5 x 5  cm

Rotated substrate:                   Yes

Substrate temperature:            < 600 ℃

Temperature accuracy:            +/- 1 ℃

Type of depositions:               Combinatorial up to 4

                                                Alternate up to 6

Gas flow:                                1- 50 sccm Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, and/or Oxigen

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