Melt Spinning equipment


<strong>Melt Spinning equipment</strong>


Produced batches: 5 g up to approx. 10 g per run, depending on material / copper spinning wheel φ 200 mm / RF generator power 6 kW / frequency range 20-150 kHz / spinning wheel with tangential velocity 3 to 60 m/s / high vacuum chamber (< 10-5 mbar) / can be operated with inert gas at max 1 bar / temperature measurement by pyrometer / available crucibles: boron nitride or quartz, with slit nozzle or round nozzle / width of ribbons: 1 – 10 mm.


Rapid solidification from melt, stabilization of metastable phases, microstructure control. Produces powders, flakes or ribbons, from metallic or ceramic materials with various applications: precursors for other processes, amorphous or metastable materials for shape memory alloys, magnetic alloys, thermoelectric alloys, brazing alloys, etc.

Responsible: Dr. Bogdan Popescu

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