Microwave dielectric materials and devices testing laboratory


Microwave dielectric materials and devices testing laboratory

Microwave dielectric materials and devices testing laboratory, including:

  • Vector Network Analyzer PNA 8361A from Agilent (0.01 – 67 GHz) for two-ports complex S parameters. It uses electronic calibrator Agilent N4694-60001 in the range of 0.01 – 67 GHz. For access, 1.9 mm, 2.9 mm, 2.4mm, 3.5 mm, SMA or N connectors or adaptors are used.
  • Vector Network Analyzer PNA-X N5245A from Agilent (0.1 – 50 GHz standalone) with 4 ports and dual sources. It allows measurements of the S and X non-linear parameters. By using the millimeter wave extensions, the system covers a wide frequency band up to 500 GHz. Each extension pair allows the measurement of the two-ports parameter of waveguide devices. The millimeter wave extensions are from Agilent/OML (N5260A V10 VNA2, WR-10, 75-110 GHz; N5260A V06 VNA2, WR-06, 110-170 GHz; N5260A V05 VNA2, WR-05, 140-220 GHz; N5260A V03 VNA2, WR-03, 220-325 GHz; N5260A V02.2 VNA2, WR-02.2, 325-500 GHz).
  • Anechoic chamber with internal dimensions 3040 mm × 4100 mm × 2800 mm, for antenna characterizations (e.g., directivity parameter) in the range of 0.9 – 40 GHz.
  • Microprobe station for direct on-wafer measurements of two-ports in the frequency range 0.1 – 67 GHz by using GSG probes with 150 µm and 100 µm pitches.
  • THz-TDS spectrometer from AISPEC Pulse IRS 2000 Pro, operating in the range of 200 GHz – 5 THz.

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