Multiview 4000 SNOM/SPM System Nanonics (Israel)


Multiview 4000 SNOM/SPM System Nanonics (Israel)

Utilization: optical characterization of organic, biological and inorganic samples combining Near Field Optical Microscopy with Scanning Probe Microscopy offering simultaneously optical and topographical information with a minimal preparation of the sample;

Applications: material science, nanotechnology (nano-photonics and nano-optics), biology, medicine (detection of the most minuscule surface structures of transparent and opaque samples).


Dual Optical Microscope working in up-right and inverted mode;

Confocal Microscopy facilities;

NanoFountainPen for writing and chemical delivery and removing at the nanometer level;

Imaging resolution for NSOM: 50 nm;

Scanner resolution: <0.05 nm (Z) and <0.15 nm (XY).

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