ELEXSYS E580 Pulse/cw X-band EPR spectrometer


ELEXSYS E580 Pulse/cw X-band EPR spectrometer

FT/CW X-band EPR spectrometer model ELEXSYS E580 from Bruker with pulse ENDOR (E560 DICE II) and ELDOR (E580-400) accessories

Operating parameters: 

  • Frequency range (CW mode): 9.2- 9.9 GHz;
  • Sensitivity (CW mode): 1.2 x 109 spins/Gauss;
  • Magnetic field: 0.03 – 1.45 T;
  • RF range and power (for ENDOR measurements): 100 kHz – 250 MHz; 150W
  • Pulse resolution: 1 nsec;
  • Microwave peak power (Pulse mode): max. 1kW;
  • Temperature: 5 – 300 K.

Available experiments: 

  • CW X-band EPR;
  • Fourier Transform (FT) EPR and Electron Spin Echo (ESE) techniques – electron spin relaxation times (T1 and T2);
  • ESEEM and 2D-HYSCORE – spin density distribution and distances through the hyperfine interaction between electron and nuclear spins;
  • SECSY and EXSY – correlations and exchange rates;
  • Pulse ENDOR – hyperfine interactions and nuclear spin relaxation;
  • Pulse ELDOR – long range distances by electron-electron spin dipolar coupling.

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