Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system type SR7500DC, Reichert


Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system type SR7500DC, Reichert

Technical details:

– radiation source: introduction of radiation from a 780 nm LED in an integrative sphere ensures an intense and homogeneous radiation in space;

– measuring places: flow cell with two channels, illuminated area 4.5 mm2;

– detection: with extreme sensitivity sensor, two strings of diodes 1024 pixels;

– resolution of the refractive angle: <1×10-7 RIU;

– refractive index range: 1,33 – 1,52;

– concentration range: 1 mM – 1 pM;

– base line noise: 0,1 μRIU peak-to-peak, 0.05 μRIU RMS, 25μl/min;

– drift of the base line: <0,01 μRIU/min;

– minimum detectable molecular weight: 100 Dalton;

– sensor: sitting on the sapphire prism with immersion oil, glass plate with thickness of 0,9 mm with gilded layer of 50 nm on surface for solutions with 1.33-1.38 RIU.

– thermostat with Peltier elements that ensures the temperature constant for the cell measuring between temp. 25 – 70 oC;

– standard syringe volume 250 μL;

– speed dosage: 0.1-2500 μL/min;

– the measuring cell for sensor discs with a thickness of 0.9 mm, syringe pump, 2 pcs. gilded sensors with 10% mSAM;

– SR8100 Automatic sample compartment injector that can be cooled to 4 oC.

Software SPR Reichert: TraceDrawer

Services offered to users: studies of affinity, kinetics, binding mechanism, concentration estimation etc. Applications: SPR sensors

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